You Have to Create From Your Own Intuition: An Interview with Eva Lewarne


my interview with the fantastic Eva Lewarne

Originally posted on The Spectatorial:

For this interview, The Spectatorial asked Eva Lewarne, a prominent art force in Canada and overseas, to share some of her experiences, wisdom, and creative juice with the speculative audience interested in the fantastical and unique art.

I have had the privilege of working with Eva’s art before, and have seen her work live and up-close in galleries around Toronto. Her work is a fascinating blend of quirky, intellectual, and thought-provoking experiences that get one to think and feel, and I was thrilled that she agreed to an interview, which was conducted by email.

This interview has been edited for style and clarity. 


Runaway Shadow by Eva Lewarne,

You say that painting is your first and last love. How do you remember that first spark?

Even as a young child I observed people’s faces, their bone structures, and lights and shadows. I was visual….and at 8 years of age, while everyone…

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