to the miller who was afraid

Truly men are like that—
the six bodies were found in the spring
beneath snow thaw and layers of air.
Originally it was reported that they
were unborn, inside the neatly open
belly of the wolf.
Forensic tests proved otherwise
they also proved fear—
But you crawl inside that clock and wail
and don’t see your mother go out under that tree.
Is it insanity then
when bodies and pockets are filled with stones?
Because there are no good endings
for the hungry life.
Drowning has to be miserable
because we fear the night
and we fear deep wells and not following orders,
tell wrong stories, not remembering still
tied up in that clock
you listen to the footsteps above you,
God has put on those red heels
taking selfies in the closet, sharing
to not rejoice at death.

— from Grimm’s Fairy tale, ” THE WOLF AND THE SEVEN LITTLE KIDS”